What a little slut.  I think looking at  'Liz'.

I feel Serena become uncomfortable, I glance my side and catch Lawson's eye. Scared? I ask.



I know, help me? I nod, and place my hand on his arm closing my eyes.

Get you filthy hands off him, he's mine! A voice says in my head. First I'm killing Serena, then you and then I'll take Lawson for myself. Liz's voice in my head makes me shoot up with rage.

"You little slag!" I whisper, everyone shoots around to stare at me.

"What did you just say?" Benjiman says, trying to look intimidating.

"I wasn't talking you," I'm not shaking with rage.

"Calm down, Light," Lawson whispers.

"No, I've had it with these arses." I look up and step towards Liz, "If you ever," My voice rings with hatred and coldness. "Threaten any of us again, then I swear, I can and I will kill you on the spot. Ok?"

"You wouldn't dare," she replys stepping forward, also shaking with rage. "I have friends that will do anything for me."

"Awww," I say, "Too scared to fight your own fights?"

"Not a chance, you ugly..."

"Aww, is that how you kill other vampires? By 'insulting' them? Let me tell you this you little cow, I don't give two flying monkey poops what you or any of your 'friends' think about me. In fact, you can insult me till the day I almost die, and guess what... You STILL wouldn't upset me.

But I swear, if you hurt my brother, or anyone else like the newborn just to get to him, then I will rip your head off with my bare hands. Not with little weapons like the one in your holster... Yes, I'm very observant."

After my speech I turn and walk to the newborn, If she ever threatens you, tell me.


"Thanks, sis." Lawson says.

"Wait, are you really siblings?" Liz asks, her voice two or three octowaves high.

"Yes, yes we are," Lawson says. "Light is my big sister, she is braver and stronger than you and Benjiman put together."

"Unfortunatly, she isn't hot as me though," Liz puts on a little mock 'Look at me, look at me,' voice, I gag.

"No, you're just not strong enough to see through her glamour... S***, I wasn't ment to say that was I, Light?"

"No, no you weren't."

"Wait a minute, did you just say, a glamour?" Tia asks, eyes wide.

"Thanks a lot, Law."

The End

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