I don't like this... Tia. Yeah, sure she's beautful, but seriosuly... I think she might have some tings in life she needs to set straight. 

"Are you guys coming or not?" Tia asks with a bit of anger in her tone. We all follow. Lawson grabs my hand. And then leans close to whisper in my ear.

"I'll protect you," He whispers. Lightnening shoots him a dirty look.

"Get away from me." I say, pushing him away. He makes a claw with his hand and growls. I roll my eyes. The ally is dark, and the tall builing that is on our right casts a shadow over us from the full white moon, but to me, it looked more blood red. Ironic much.  I then saw four people standing in a tight circle whispering things to each other.

"Hey Boys and Gals!" Tia yells waving her hand with almost too much exitment. The four turn to us. Three boys, and one girl.

"Look who it is." The says, looking at Tia with anger.

"Lawson, Lightnening, and Serena, Meet Benjiman," She pointed to the taller one of the group. He has broad shoulders, and messy blonde hair that parts at the side. "Sharp," She pointed to a thin, thin guy that has brown hair. It comes down just past his shoulders and is messily layered. "Peter," This guy is short, but muscular. He wears his hat backwards over his black hair. These three all wear pants that are far too big for them, and hang down at their knees showing their boxers. "Liz," This girl, just by looking at her, mut be trouble. Her hair is short and black, with a bang that covers one eye, and spiky at the back. She wear a outfit similar to mine, and is chewing on a piece of gum, and is blowing a pink bubble at the moment, staring at me with interest.

"I'm sure we'll all get along," Sharp says with a smirk.

"Yeah right. Look at them." Liz says, popping the bubble that was forming in her mouth. "Serena looks like she got barfed on by a cat. Lightinging just looks like she's trying too hard and plus she's ugly as ... But Lawson is pretty cute," She says. She then winks at him.

Benjiman looks at Lawson with jealousy and hate. Lawson looks back at him confused, but then looks at me.

"Sorry, but Serena's the only one for me," He says, and leaned far too close to my face. Lightening pulled Lawson away form me. THANK YOU LIGHTNING! 

"Let's all become friends!" Tia says exitedly.

"Yeah right," Liz says blowing another bubble. "I'll kill them all by tomorrow,"

"Just don't mind Liz. She's sort of a vampire killer, but how ironic is it that she is still a vampire?" Tia says with a laugh. "Benjiman helps her too so watch out for them!"

You dirty piece of scum. I'm going to kill you tonight, and take your Lawson for myself, I hear a voice say in my mind. I freeze. That sounds just like...

I see Liz smirking at my evilly.

The End

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