"Why would you want to help us?" the girl, Lightning asks. I turn my attention back on to the vampires. I pout.

"Cause I'm bored" I mutter. I flick my hair back over my shoulders. "Besides my father killed my last boy friend it's time for pay back"

The Lightning girl shakes her head. "How is helping us getting pay back?" she asks looking at me maybe slightly angry.

"It will get him annoyed" I say shrugging.

"Won't you get in trouble?" Selena asks.

"I'm his daughter and his only heir to become head of the council..... that and his little weapon" I say smiling.

They stare at me.

"I thought Daughter of Markus Storm would have  been more..... um, well less childish" the boy.... Lawson  says.

"Hey I could go and find some other law breakers to help you know.... Now follow me"

I turn and walk down the alley. They hesitate then slowly follow. Pay back.

The End

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