The feeling wears off as I run away.

She forced me to leave, just as she forces anyone to do what she wants through that mind of her's..  That painful shrieking that she creates inside my ears... I couldn't stand it.

But she can't affect me when I'm this far off.

I climb up a tree quickly, and stare out, towards that bar.  They're still standing there, all four of them.  Tia has never been able to affect newborns with her mind.  It took at least a few weeks until she could control me.

And even now, I find ways out of it.

I can see every detail in the scene, that girl, the older vampire.. she must be related to the boy, too..  And that newborn, that horribly dressed newborn... does she not know that she should never attract attention to herself?

She's on thin ice, and I can see it in Tia's eyes..  But she'll be friendly enough, for now.

What she has in store for them, I don't know.  Especially the fresh one.

The other girl, though.. my eyes keep flicking back to her.  Her plain clothes, her plain movements.. she is dangerous.  I can smell it on her.. and I never caught her name.

Sure, I'd had a couple of drinks, but I've set up traps at bars more times than I can count.  It's the easiest thing, to act as a clumsy human.  And clumsy humans are obviously more abundant in bars.

The girl had guilt.  I had never seen such guilt... yet, she was wonderful at hiding it.

Luckily for me, I could see right through her little facade.

Far away, I heard the girl's name spoken... Lightening..

Lightening had done something really wrong.  She had broken a rule.

And this newborn, she was the product of a broken rule.. A rule broken by the boy.  A whole group of  villains.

For a moment, my thoughts are filled with pride for figuring this all out within a matter of moments, but then my thoughts are filled with something else.

While sitting in that high tree branch, Tia shoots me an icy glare, and I scramble down to the ground.  Don't think you're so clever.  Her voice is angry, more angry than I've heard in a long time.  How she knew I was there, I do not know, but the high-pitched screeching, higher than any human could pick up on, fills my brain, and I run as fast as I can to our home.

The End

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