"Life, complicated thing" I say stepping out of the shadows. "Hi, I'm Tia"

They look at me confused and slightly angry. Great, I've done it again and gone interupted something big.

Just then the back door of the club comes down and I turn to see Jorden. He spots me and freezes. "Hi" I say sweetly.

"Um... Tia" he stutters stepping back.

"You're not going to hurt these poor vampires were you" I say doing a childish face up at him.

"Cause not Tia... if you don't want me to but the rul-" I growl interupting him.

"Go back home Jorden" I hiss through my teeth. His eyes go wide and he takes off. I turn back to the small group of vampires and smile.

"Oh, f**k" the girl mutters.

"What's the matter?" The newborn asks.

"You're Tianna ain't you?" The boy asks stepping slightly in front of the newborn.

"Yep, Tianna Storm. Daughter of the head couciller Markus Storm and power house of telepathy"

Like I know how you feel right now Selena. The newborn steps back shocked.

"But I'm not here to hurt you... exact opposite. I'm here to help"

The End

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