I slam the front door of the crappy hotel room, I can't deal with the rest of those stupid, pointless lessons right now. I can't believe that boy could be so idiotic!

I hear the door open, letting in a stream of cool air and it shutting softly behind him. "What. The. HELL. Do you think you are doing?" I snarl at him.

"C'mon sis, don't be like that."

I whirl around, he backs away, shocked with my force. "'Don't be like that'? Are you out of your freaking mind?! I mean seriously, have you not learnt anything from last time?"

His eyes glow black with anger, "Of course I did,  w-"

"So, why the hell have you done it again?!" I scream.

"You don't even know her, Light."

"Neither did you! We only moved into this little town, the other day!"

"I had a good feeling," he says quitely.

"Like last time you mean?" I tilt my head to the side scarcastically.

"I was wrong then."

"Yeah, no s*** sherlock."

"Light, could you please just try to understand."

"Understand? How, after last time? Are you effin' kidding me?" He looks away. "Lawson, I'm not doing this to make you upset," I say putting my hands on his sholders, shaking him slightly. "I'm doing this, because you never, learn." My eyes burn, the tears in my eyes leak, needless to say the myths of Vampires not being able to cry is just that; a myth.

"I try," He says like the little brother I remember.

"I know, but, why don't you just go after cattle?"

"How can you do it? I mean say clean. Not drink any blood, whats so ever."

"I've got two words for you Law, self control." I smirk.

"You're aweful, you know that right?"

I laugh, "Yeah, so's your face!"

"Hey! That hurt!" He pulls a mock hurt face, and punches my arm. I punch him back. "Ow, that really did hurt!" This time I believe him.

"God, you're ruthless."

"I know!"

"Will you come, tonight? I dunno, stand in the background.£

"I have no choice do I?"

He grins, "No."

"Oh god, how are we even related."

"Well you know, our mummy and daddy..."

"Oh will you shutit? I mean, I am the one who told you about Mr and Mrs Bunny Rabbits." We laugh.

"Ew..." He says remembering.

The End

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