Lightening: Chapter I

I walk in to the canteen; alone. I snip in the lunch que, resisting the urge to bite one of the althelic kids' thick pumping necks. I hold my breath and count to sixty - a very fast sixty, but a sixty none the less.

The kids move on, just as I relax; counting to sixty always works. I grit my now dulling teeth, I move on to buy some cheesy full-fat junk and an apple. I slide down onto the table, I glance up and see them walk through.

Oh brother, what have you done? I think, shaking my head in disbeliefe. Idiot.

They walk to a table, the newborn linked arms with a mortal, How just.

My brother catches my eye, I wave shortly, he nods in response. Talk about personal gain much, little brother.

Shut up, He replys shortly.

Oooh, just be careful Lawson. We can't deal with yet another new vampire going a-wol because of you. Remember that last person, you turned fifty years ago? What happened? Oh yes, that's right, she turned half a village in France and exposed us all! That took one hell of a lot of fixing.

Yeah, well. He replys moodily, It'll be different this time.

What if it's not? If I can smell the blood on her from all the way over here, then you certainly can.

Lightening, everyone has to feed sometime.

Everybody, including mortals, knows that newborns drink one hell of a lot of blood more than adolesensess.

I'll make sure she doesn't.

Yeah, you're doing a great job at the moment, wait to make her feel uncomfortable around you!


I sigh, then I look at the scene. The mortals and the newborn are looking at Lawson, who doesn't realise he's just standing there like a wet lemon. I grin, and wave at them. The mortals wave shortly back, the newborn waves slightly confused. Lawson shakes himself, sitting down, talking to them all.

Good luck, brother.

The End

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