the darkness: chapter v

Really, it was rather stalkish the way this boy behaved. Oh, he may have turned me, but that didn't mean he had any right to follow me around, mimic my schedule to the class, and just plain behave like a general douche, degrading me like I possessed the intelligence of a gnat. He wasn't earning any brownie points that way, especially if his intentions were forming some cheesy romance within two weeks of knowing me. He'd just gone and turned me into a vampire against my will. If that wasn't violation, then I didn't know what was.

Seriously, he must have been reading too many romance novels and it'd deluded his brain cells to assume that I'd fall for a complete bastard rather than any sort of real-world, cliche normalcy. Unless, of course, I truly enjoyed being treated like a doormat. However, the alluring scent of human blood distracted my thoughts, putting the fool vampire onto the back burner. These humans smelled positively delicious. Of course, I couldn't quite understand why I was able to walk in sunlight as though I weren't actually a vampire, as I'd just googled them the night before and common mythology told me so, but again, it was pushed aside for more pressing matters.

That being, the delicious scent of human blood permeating the room. "C'mon, don't you remember, Serena-babe? Your friends said we'd get along well," he whispered. "My mind-trickery does wonders."

"You're insane," I muttered back, keeping my eyes forward. I didn't need any of this while I was so enthralled with the hunger rising in my body. Any second I felt I'd snap. And this boy was provoking me into a state of blind rage.

"But I like you oh-so-much, can't you tell? Besides, I have to watch over your every move to keep you from doing something foolish. Even while you're sleeping, I'll sneak into your bedroom, sit in the corner, and just watch you."

Oh, now he was insulting my intelligence and genuinely disturbing me. A real winner, this one was. "Leave me alone, creep," I hissed, rising from my seat. The teacher glanced at me in confusion, stopping mid-sentence in his lesson.

"Where do you think you're going, Serena?"

"Ladies room," I replied in a rush, pushing past him to the hallway. I needed to feed, immediately. These humans smelled delicious, with their lovely, vulnerable jugulars, and I needed a taste right now. I headed for the locker room.

The End

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