the darkniss: chapter III

   I sniffed the air I was surprised to find another human smell one I had smelt before but I wasent hungry so it didint bug me so much. 'what’s going on in there' asked my mother from the bathroom, my heart pounded I had just killed her boyfriend I knew she had been seeing someone besides dad for a long time but I had just killed him what was I going to do now 'hello earth to jarred' said my mother from the bath room 'I'm almost ready' she added I wasn’t hungry anymore and I did the only thing I could I screamed picked up his body and ran it out of the house into the back lain and dumped it behind the Nabors garbage cans then fast as I could ran back I was surprised at my speed but I obviously wasn’t fast enough because I only made it to the hall before I heard my mother walking towards me I walked into her room. 'who was he' mom said nothing her mouth opened and closed she was in only a towel her hair down her back in wet curls. 'who was he' I ask attempting at anger but tears welled up in my eyes I pushed them back I didn’t know what my tears would look like but I was sheer they wouldn’t look like human tears 'he, he, he was my, my'  studdered my mother 'I know what he was' she looked ashamed I walked off slowly to my room and slammed the door then locked it. 

I stud with my back to the door staring at the guy who was in my room 'who are you and how did you get in hear' 'what you don’t recodes me for last night the cute puppy dog looking guy' 'you' I say in shock 'you’re the reason this is happening to me what is happening to me' 'your turning into a creature of the night of cores' 'vampire' I say in a mutter I always knew about the undead but to have one in my room to be told I was one I was going to have to start drinking a lot more if I wanted to keep this stuff out of my life that was the reason I started drinking in the first place was knowing. 'you don’t look anything like last night then again it was dark and I couldn’t see so well without my glasses...' then suddenly I realized I hadn’t worn my glasses all day and I hadn’t put my contacts in that morning 'my eyes twenty/twenty' I say in shock 'better then that more like 100/100' he says 'that guy down there is he going to become a vampire too' 'no' 'why not' 'because you didn’t give him any venom’ 'oh..' I say feeling stupid ‘I’m sheer if you wanted him to live again he would still be enough alive to give him venom' I rushed down to the street no one was looking I knew they weren’t I leaned over the guy and gave him my venom it was like having cold Air hit your teeth in the winter time a sharp pain then it wormed and it didn’t hurt anymore.  Soon I felt his blood or rather my blood in his vanes flowing and I stopped, the wounds were healing and he was breathing fine. I got up ‘don’t you want to wipe his memory replace it’ ‘how’ ‘just talk to him tell him he was with you mom tell him you walked in well he was waiting for her and he ran when you screamed tell him what your mother thinks is the truth’ I did so then moved back again and looked at the cute vampire by my side ‘good now you know almost everything’ ‘almost’ ‘the one thing you don’t know I’ll leave for you to learn’ he said I looked him in the eye then he was gone almost as if he had vanished into thin Air.    

The End

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