The Darkness

My heart pounding, my blood pumping through my veins, his hands on my shoulders, the blood on my neck, the wet floor against my legs.  The darkness.

That's all I remember about the transformation.  Next thing I know I'm crawling back home.  My body aches and I look like death.  My parents don't make much of it, they think I've just got drunk again.  I stagger up the stairs, collapse on my bed and sleep like I have never slept before.

Morning comes too quickly as usual and I feel no different from normal.  I assume that what happened to me last night was just a dream.  I go through my Monday morning routine.  Shower, get dressed into my school uniform and clean my teeth before heading downstairs.  Mum is sitting at the kitchen table in her dressing gown.  Now I know something is wrong.  I can smell her.  Smell the blood flowing through her veins.  The thirst is almost uncontrolable.  I run out the door pretending to be late but I know full well that I'm not.

I wander along busy streets sourrounded by people.  The smell is even worse.  So thirsty.  Must drink.  I stumble down a side ally.  There is a rat sitting in the corner.  You can guess the rest.  The taste was disgusting but it soothed the headache I was getting from the smell of human blood.  I had to get to school Ami and Kaylie would be wondering what had happened to me last night.  I disappeared without saying goodbye.

School was open.  I could see Ami, Kaylie and Harry sitting in our normal spot on the steps.  I approached very cautiously.  I was still hungry.

'Hey guys.'  I tried to be confident and pretend everything was normal but I could tell my smile was a little timid.

'Hello stranger!  Where did you go last night?'  Ami didn't seem to notice my timidity.

'Yea where did you go?  It got pretty lonely last night.  These two left soon after you disappeared.'  Kaylie was annoyed at me I could tell and I could understand.  It can be lonely being a third wheel, I've been one often enough.

'I wasn't feeling too great, I went home.'  I sat down next to Kaylie.  Ami lost interest immediately after I said that and launched straight into a story she was dying to tell us.  Maybe there wasn't anything wrong with me and I was just imagining it. 

But then I thought of the rat.

The End

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