her dreamsMature

 She had to do as he bid, if she tried to challenge him, she felt a great deal of pain. Her mind brought back images of him, she felt as though her heart was heavy. Her brow was blazing hot, she felt a great deal of fire that engulfed her, she looked at the pommel of the weapon he held out for her hand.

She reached for the sword, she drew it back as though to attack him, he looked at her. She felt as though she could kill him, but she drew back the sword to strike him with, and in her mind she saw her unborn child writher in pain. She looked into his hand and saw her child laying there in his palm. 

He looked at her, she lowered the sword, waited for him to give her the scabbard for it. Each time she held the sword, she had to fight the urge to kill him, she felt as though he had the power to do this to her child.  He had more power than her husband, but no one had that kind of power.

She felt she should warn him of what he power he has, but how?  She did not  know, there was no way in which she could do this? There was a way? No one is that strong, in the feild of magic.

When he sleeps, she might be able to enter into Taka's mind. Taka was presently trying to find away to do this?  She saw the images that he was looking over, the resources of othe rmages.  The ones that practiced the dark arts, the ones that he felt should have been forbidden to look into.  Yet he was looking there.  

She peered over his shoulder as he did this, saw things that made her even fearful in this state of conciousness. He was reading the texts of the dark mages, they had died.  She saw that he was trying to acquire such obscure things as dragon's eggs.  

From what she was able to read, they might have worked, if he had gotten true eggs of a dragon, but he would have to break the spell.  That had been cast.  So, he still woudl need to find him to do this.

He had come to her in her dreams, so he would be unable to find him. He had touched her long ago,

The End

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