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Maltrea was going to destroy the kingdom of Sara to avenge the death of his son, there was no way in which they would able to do this?

Saratta would pay? He would sooner turn his son over to him than to allow them to continue on in their assertment of the kingdom? Saratte would see his reasoning for this to have occurred. Maltrea envisioned the cities that were there would soon be under t=his control.  The things that they had that they would have been secured by them to do this.  His soldiers were versed in naval combat not in land designed seiges.  This would be a learning experience  he was unsure of what they would require to do this. 

His army would be on their way to where the enemy lay on the roads that they would have to trangress to get there.  They were unsure as to what they would have to be willing to do?he promise of riches with which to fill their purses would heighten the desire to acquire them.

  Taka looked at her, and suggested,"I must find away to cause her to wish to do this to your king's son!"

"I did not wish to do this to your kingdom. I need help!" the rider declared as she looked at him seeing the tears well up and flow from his eyes as they still rested upon his wife.

"I will have to see what we can do about it." The rider stated as she looked at him trying to find a way to comfort him and save the king's son. There had to be away. What could she do about it, she did not know.

"i have to find a way to counter the spell upon her!"


His wife was on the road looking for someone to slay, the person who condemned her to this realm suggested, "That she must or she will never return to the land of the living!"

Her hands felt cold, it was as though she was freezing. Her hands felt the pommel of the dagger that resided there in her right hand. The pommel seemed as though it gave off a great deal of heat from it.

She had to look and see her prey, but her prey was determined by the effect he or she was hid in a blazing fire. This figure would appear and she was unable to go any where else but there.

If she choose to go anywhere else, she felt her body become withering in pain. The more she struggled the harder it got for her to avoid what she was sent here to do.

This figure looked to have been a man from the looks of him he was a noble, from which community she did not know. She was unable to see his face at all times it was hidden. She had advanced towards him, or rather tried to. With each step she took towards him he retreated from her two strides he did not even have to move to do this. He looked to have come from a community where fur lined capes were plentiful.  So, that suggested he was from the northern regions.

The End

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