The rumors of war are upon our ears.Mature

The forces were not pleased what they have done, but they felt that they should be held at the ready to defend the kingdom.  The soldiers were strong hard and determined to protect their kingdom from those who would trangress upon them.  They looked at the valleys through the region to get here.

Maltrea was a driving before the soldier's dim veiw point of war.  They did not think that they had a reason to do this, but they were to listen to their ruler.

Maltrea had been dynamic as a ruler he knew how to harry a country into submission to become under their ruler ship.  The forces are going to head to the mountians where they lived. They knew what the reason that was why he is doing this?

The soldiers looked at the mountians as they loomed above them. They were afraid of what they going to be doing?  Some of them even had friends that lived here. They felt down cast however they were not to question why they were to do this,

The death of the prince had made them angry,  Their resolve was to have the kingdom responsible for the death of their prince be made to atone for that action. Why had the king simply not turned the prince over to them.  Also it seemed odd, that no one had seen himin the kingdom until the moment of their prince's and princess's deaths. They also did not see the prince leave.  However they did have evidence that he had done this.

 There were suggestions that the force of Sara had been noted as being war like. They were staunch and determined to protect their king. 

Inside the castle of which they were to attack.  Sarette was busy trying to find out what was going wrong.  He did not know, what they were doing?  He suspected that he woudl have to do something to protect his kingdom, seeing as he did not know as to what the forces were going to do.

Having slammed his hand down on the desk, when he had heard that there was a rumor of war that would soon be upon them.  He looked at the maps, which now lay strewn through out his war room.  He could not afford to allow his lady to know this.  He was worried that she would find out about it.

The End

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