Maltrea had been able toMature

Maltrea looked at the people of his kingdom, there had to be away he could savage the kingdom, by having another prince.  There had to be away that he could be able to do something about .

There had to be a way in which he was able to protect his kingdom. What he was able to do that. he had checked with the mages and was able to learn that someone had arranged for Martine to have come here.

The guards had declared, that they had not seen him enter the kingdom.  Maltrea did not understand o r know as to why this had happened? The guards suggested he had not entered through the doors to his son's chamber.

How could he have come to be here in this kingdom, he may have no must have slipped inside. Maltrea decided to stop the carriages and wagons from exiting his kingdom so he could catch him.  He wondered as to what he had been doing fo r him to have done this to his son do this.

True, he may have angered Martine  by marrying Dabbrea. However that should have come as no surprize as  Salomon had been told she was his betrothed. Martine seemed upset about this.

Maltrea figured she had been forgotten about.  However if he was to judge by what he saw in the bed chamber he did not.  Maltrea decided to close off his duchy from whatever Saratte wanted to gain through them. He made a bridge with his hands, that would be the way he would make him pay.

His suggestion of  going to war against them, was received with no possiblity that they could afford to do this.  The route to Sata where Seraata  ruled was difficult at the best of times,  for them to decide to attack, would mean that they would have to remove their forces from where they presently were, That would leave the kingdom exposed to other forces who might desire what they had to offer.

You see Sata was landlocked, by the mountians that seem impasible at the best of times. They had the best mountains that were rich  in ore that was desirable for weapons and jewelry. They had three regions that were owned by other kingdoms, who would allow them to use their ports to sell their merchandise through.  These kingdoms did not necessarily like each other, but they got along, with each other for the most part.

The End

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