.Colet's arrival thereMature

 Colet stole up her nerves to bang on his door.

There was no response, She decided, 'I have to talk to him.' She felt the chirll of fear steel over her soul. The door was locked, she touched the door, it was cold as a winter's day.  'I hate to have to do this, but  I must.' she decided. She out her sword to try to jimmy, The sword met something upon entering the edge of the door. She lifted, sweat oozed and poured from her. The object weighed heavyly on her arm, but she felt it lifting from where it lay.  She r=tried to move the door upon lifting that object from the door, but found she could not.

"What do you  think, you are doing?" avoice boomed behind her.

"What does it look like she replied, as huge hand falls upon her shoulder, she falls to her knees. "What the..."

"Why are you breaking into my house?" Taka demanded

"I am not breaking into your house!" 

The hand carries her up to face him, she has dropped her sword. Looking into Taka's face he looked at her with dire hatred in his eyes. "Well, it may appear that I am."

"So, what do you think, should do to you?"

"Nothing," she wimpered.

"What would you do, I was caught breaking into your house?"

"Well, nothing!"


"I think, not!"

"Well, I might have taken you to the magistraite."


"Why are you here, then?"

"I have to see you, to have understand?"

"Understand, I see?" Taka asked,"if that is the case, please do come inside."

She walked inside the house, looked as it should the house of a mage. There were various things that  a  mage should have before becoming a mage. Test tubes, flasks, tubes, candles with which to heat things with.  On a table lay a woman her face was covered in blood and her hands. She looked at the lady and than Taka.

"What is it you wish to speak to me about?" Taka inquired as he allowed the child to sit with him.  

"It seems that the king's son has fallen asleep?" she noted that her chest rose and fell. It told her, she was alive. There was a pallor about her skin, This was as Terence told her of Martine's plight, "Is she to asleep."

The End

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