Taka's house.Mature

   The house looked like any other, though Colet as she approached the house it  was quiet in the house as quiet as  agrave. Colet felt that there should be some sounds coming from in there.

She looked about trying to see some reason for his house to be so quiet.  From what she knew, he wed. Yet he had no mention of children. The house was made of srone work. The sun was up, there shoud be some sounds coming from them.

Taka had been quiet than a gain sh ehad never heard of him doing anything other than trying to help himself/ he was an unfriendly cuss. Shed dd no anything about him, other than that he was mage. Where he had come from no one could decide.  He had been rumored to have come from the far east.  

He was nervous when he had come into their community.He was looking for a man who had been rumored to have found something in the waste lands.  The items he carried with him were valued high above what they should have been.

There had been rumors that he had found something, that was far not valuable as the usual things he had found. People dared not to speak of what he brought to the community. he was more powerful with what he brought with him. His guards seemed leery of what he was to do this.

Even eh seemedleery about what he was carrying with him. He had nightmares upon receiving the eggs. They were unlike any he had before.  He was afraid of the figure hwo brought them to him as soon as he released the four eggs he dissipated into nothingness. The only thing that remained of him was his clothing, rings, and weapons.  

He was happy that he did not have to pay a single soveirn for it. He smiled, as he picked up his apparel to put away. He did not know as to what he should have done to keep him self. The eggs looked to be a dragons.

The man who vanished did not disclose where he had gotten them from. He seemed pretty sure that the price he was offering to give to him was  right. He was sweating as he looked at the eggs, the eggs shuddered and shook as he handed them to him. He even said,"Please, take them?" Seened relieved of have them off of him.


The End

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