Martine looked at the body that he had produced.Mature

The sheriff had gone to see the body, it was the same as the others in the community.  there was no rythm or reason why this had happened. Heknew that the woman was running a respectable house.  She paid her taxes, to the lord, so that could not have been the answer.  If it was, it would he would be doing this.

She screamed,"I want this monster found?"

"We are on the look out for him, whoever he is?" the sheriff did not know whether the individual had done this one had been the same one as the individual who plied his trade at the streets, where they worked with out the protection of roofs over their heads.

Martine walked over to the wall, lean on to it.  HE vanished from sight, he now looked at the sheriff as he surveyed teh area. The sheriff looked about trying to see what was left behind by the killer.

It appeared that the killer had simply left the area; leaving nothing behind. He was afraid of what he was seeing here.  The only thing he left behind was the money and the dagger that he knew, would turn to air. He knew this as he put one of those in a bag, when he  got home the bag was empty.  The only thing, that he was able to find was black dust inside the bag.  He had recognized the type of dagger and sword he weilded, as one of another killer who walked this side of the kingdom long ago.

Martine cleaned his hands, he did not know anything about his being whatever he was. That he was.  He watched it run from his fingers to splash in the basin, he closed his eyes and saw the dagger tear and rip through her body.

His dagger had tore through her body, but she was unable to protect herself. As he watched the dagger tear through her hands as though it was but air. When it touched her body where he was directing it; it cut her flesh,  He had now killed five in total, for this day.

Martine looked at the woman who sent him here. He screamed at her,"Is this enough?" 

She smiled at him, but said,"No!"

"I am not an assassin, I am but a child!"

"You were, but no longer! You are mine to control." she declares,

The End

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