Where am I?Mature

The rider looked about trying to find a way to find Taka. She did not know as to why that had been done.  Why had he attacked the son of their king.  What had the son done to offend him as he must have.

Taka had left teh community in search of an answer, she had to find him. Taka must help him return from where he presently was.  The trees looked like the ones had seen a moment ago as she roade further into the woods insearch of teh answer as to how she could allow the information to flow back to him. They looked identical to the trees she had just looked at.

They did not seem to be able to find anything that could identify the trees she had just  passed.  Drawing out a knife she  cut line in a tree to mark it as the one she was right beside.  The horse moved to another tree, teh tree that she rode to had ride to.  Had the same mark as theone she had just marked, that was not possible.

 She decided to slowly climb a tree to find what she was seeking.  As she climbed the tree she found taht  she was no where near  where she was supposed to have gone. The mountian was to her right and it was a long distance from where she was.  If she was to climb down she woudl not be able to find a way to get there.  She would have to climb to be able to move towards the mountian, where Taka had lived.

Taka looked lovingly at his wife who lay sleeping there.  Her hands had blood appearing on them, he did not know where the blood had appeared from, her mouth also ran with blood, her garments looked like she had gotten into a fight. Ye

t she lay there like a stone.  He noted that her skin looked white as though she had been drained of blood. Her eyes did not move, under their lids.  He did not know who had cast the spell upon her.  He did not know as to who she had angered or he had.

The mage must have had a great deal of knowledge to have cast this spell and a great deal of resources that he coudl not even dare to dream of having acquired,

The End

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