Taka has been decieved.Mature

  Taka was very happy to have received the eggs.  Taka had given Siva the money that he had proposed to give to the supplier of the eggs.  Siva looked at him as if he was very fortunate to  have had been given the eggs.

Siva did not know why he needed the eggs. She knew that he needed them for some reason that he would not elude too.  She had  slipped into the merchants area and found what she took to be eggs of a dragon.  

The supplier seemed very protective of them.  She had drew one of them up to look at the egg in the light of his fire.She saw a shadowy form through the egg, like looked as though it had wings and a long tail a snout like a serpent, it was able to stand on its hind feet. The egg shuddered, shook, trembled with the force of its blows, but it was unable to break through the shell.  She did not know how long it woudl be able to do this before it escaped. The other eggs were doing like wise.

She took them all, put them in her bag to take to Taka.  

Taka had acquired the eggs.  He seemed very happy that he recieved the eggs.  He smiled and payed her handsomely for them. Looking tehm over, he decided that they might not have been teh eggs of  a dragon, perhaps they were more exquisite than that.   He wrestled with the idea that he was fortunate that he got them.

Taka looked at the eggs, he knew, that they were teh answer to the spell taht had been cast.  He took a look through the books for spells taht looked like the one that had been cast upon his wife. He had needed someone to use to be able to find a way in which to stop the spell.  The spell had been cast.

He wasunable to cast the spell exactly as the other person had done it.  The eggs had been broken that he suspected were the dragons eggs.

Without the eggs, the spell was cast.  He closed his eyes, witnessed Martine fall to the ground. Martine was unable to do anything.   However he did not sleep well, he struggled to awaken. Each and every time Taka closed his eyes, he was with Martine.  Martine looked about in stark confusion.

The End

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