Colet's story Here?Mature

   The owner of the eggs, Colet had arranged for the eggs to be sold. To a merchant for  high price.  A piece that no  one could dream of having, yet Taka suggested he had the capital to buy the eggs.

The merchant tried to not allow him to even see taka was feirce with the feeling of vengence pouring through his veins. He wanted to have the eggs of a dragon, a healer told him, the eggs might be able to allow his wife to return to him.

The merchant looked at him, he could not readily dismiss the fear that he was feeling. The merchant did not know what he was talking about?

Siva asked for the eggs, she knew he had the eggs, that was why he was here?  To get the eggs. Nothing else mattered.  

The gaurds closed the gap on her, they drew their weapons with which to dispatch her, the merchant knocked over a vessel where his primery protecter was hiding.  It came out of the vase, its head expanded to reveal its oblong head, golden underside where its neck met with its head.  The snake began to move towards her.

Siva rolled out of teh way, vaulting over the gaurds.  Had to elude them, the guards looked at her as though they felt he was filled with a great deal of tripedation. Two drew a swords  to dispatch her to the land of the dead instead of the land of the living.

She turned and raced away from where they were.  The guards tore off, pushed  and shoved their way towards her. THe guards were monstrous in size, they were slow in moving.  People looked at them and stepped out of their way.  The guards walked towards her.

She threw a vessel filled with cooking oil it was a blaze at them.  The guards and the people who lost their meal both were upset.  The guards were growing bitter with the prospect that their master had been ripped off.

She saw a familar from, that  s, he woudl protect her, she knew he would .  Smiled, she did not know if Taka would be willing to receive him.  slithered towards the tents opening, there stood two men at the opening,they were not expecting him to be here.  There was a look of apprehension on their faces as they stood there.

The End

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