the eggs that Maltrea destroyed,Mature

   Maltrea looked at his wife who lay there, she to had blood on her hands.  He could not understand why this had happened?

The fear he was feeling held him there. It was ascertainity, that his wife had been doing this? He was unsure he had been able to do this.  Maltrea knew that had happened he could to the a test this. Someone had slain his son and his wife, the person he had seen who had slain them. 

Serata was not willing to allow his son to stand trial. Not knowing anything that could allow him to not  put him on trial. Martine was not able to do this, why because he was a sleep. He did not know as to where he had gone on the first night; that he had fallen a sleep. Due to the spell that Taka had cast on him.

He did not know as to why the spell had been cast aside from the tale, Martine had supplied him with. He did not truly understand why he had done this? Unable to stand before the eyes of Taka, and what he desired to find through him doing this

The merchant who had lost the eggs knew that he had been able to defraud Taka. The eggs were not dragon's.  He did not know as to why  Taka was willing to pay him. Fara had been told that  the owners of the egg had given him the tale that they were special.  The eggs had been sent to Fara, cause them to sold.

Fara had been told that they would be able to do this. Fara had found that Taka was not worthy of the gift he was to have given him. Fara did not trust Taka. He had seen what he had done to another merchant.

Fara did not trust him further than he would trust his animal that was to carry him and his supplies here. Siva was woman with olive skin and black hair, was as quick as mongoose and moved with the sleath of a cobra, who brought him of these eggs was worthy of being trusted, with his life.  

sIVA seemed worried when she brought the eggs to him dropped it into his hands. She looked over her shoulders.  She fled away from him, he saw four figures arrive at his tent, they looked asthough they were afraid of someone, or thing.  

The End

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