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  The rider who had gone out to find Taka, was lost. She did not know where she was.  She had never seen a growth of plants more this fast. She was worried, knowing she had to find Taka to save her king's son's life. she was here. 

Looking about in search of ot see an answer to this mystery, she did not see anything that would give her answer, as to where she was. The surroundings sh ehad never seen before.  Looking to the heavens for a sign, but seeing none.  It was still before night fall, so she woudl be unnable to see the stars to guide her.

Her horse had not calmed itself.  She was unable to cause the horse to stop reacting as though it was afraid.  The woods were calm as agrave.  Did not see anything amiss aside from what she knew.  The trees were large enough to hide the sky with the foliage to cover the sky.  The densebrush made her unabel to see the large mountian where she would have had to climb to arrive at Taka's home.

Taka was mage you did not wish to upset. However at the present moment, he had been annoying her king.  Surely he knew this?  What could possibly be the reason for this, she  did not know.


Serata looked at his son, who was asleep or was he? He was worried about his son being this way, there had to be an explanation for this to have occurred.  Serata knew no reason why this ahd happened.  From what he had been told was that Martine bumped into Taka who dropped something, that was more precious than gold.

Serata did not know if he would be able to talk Taka into helping him; however he needed someone to protect his son. Suseas told him to go to the clerics to have them try to have them heal him. Teraza looked at her as if he was 



The End

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