The body that have left behind? Martine need help, save him!Mature

   The man who took the girl upstairs to have time with her. The madame did not think that anything was wrong with him taking her upstairs.  The woman he took with him, had gone into the bath to clean herself.

When she returned to her room, the man decided to have his way with her.  Slaying her in the room, he slipped out the window, that was barred closed.  The Madame had made them to be unable to be opened.  So as that her girls were unable to escape from her.  

The man was able to slip through the window, by becoming a shadow. He felt sick, but knew that was when he must escape from the house, the Madam would not see him, being able to leave the house.  However he paid to have the girl with him for the full evening.  

He returned his body which was mine.  The elderly healer was there waiting for my return to the room. My hands and sleeves were blood covered as was my groin.  The man looked at me,and seemed frightened by what he was seeing there. He saw a black image float over to the body, that lay in the bed.

I returned to my body. I saw the goat shaped being awaiting my arrival here. The goat looked mildly upset at my return. Saying,"Tsk. Tsk. Well, you have returned here? Was it not easier now!"

I looked into her eyes, feeling rage fill my soul. I wanted to slay her, but from what I had learned she was virtually invincible. This was her realm, I  would have to find a way to defeat her.

I saw Taka lay down on his bed, fold his hands over his chest.  I had crept upon him, he did not seem to notice me, being there. I smiled to myself, and was afraid of what he had had done to me, before this time, I had studied magic as would any noble, who had a reason to fear the wizards.  I knew of no one who did not have an inkling of fear towards them.

I understood, why he had desired the eggs. His wife had been captured by mage of Maltrea's kingdom, and had been put in a similar position that I was in.  Taka did not know who the mage was who had done this to his wife or why?

I was able to read the books that he was studying to find an answer to this matter.

The End

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