Who taka had seen?Mature

  The man was able to find the unfindable. His knowledge of what he saught was well founded. He had been doing this for years. The people in the market place remembered seeing him talking to Taka.

Serata told his people to find him, He did not care as to what the cost was to do this, he was unsure of what they are doing to find him. The man was able to do this, by having people being able to find him, with the resources he sought.  

The only thing, that Serata's people knew for sure was that he rode an animal with four legs like a horse or cow, but it had on its back two humps.  He was able to allow them to find him, he had an interest in women, of all walks of life.  The woman he had with his people were seen wearing gold and silver portions of clothing that they wore upon their bodies. These objects covered their waists and breasts.  The people of his company had them serve as ladies of the evening.

Serata felt he knew where they were going?

He had sent some of the people in pursuit of them.  The people that were a part of this man's party had headed back towards the area that they had come from.  The people who were they were pursuing had not been aware that they were being sought after.

Teraza had heard that someone was selling people to the owners of some of the brothels that are here.  She had sent in a woman named  Tab into one of these establishments.  Tab was not unknown there, she had been in business for years she plied her business with woman usually. So, her walking into the bawdy houses caused some of their owners to wrinkle their noses as they saw her coming in there.

Tab felt that they were going to be bought by the owners of the house, the women looked as though they had been beaten and assaulted by the community that was carrying them here.  The woman were of any ethinic background, their hair was a varied assortment of colors, and their skin types.

Tabhad been given information that they had left that same eve, that the mage had met up with him.  From what  she was able to learn was that he brought with him dragon's eggs. That was impossible, yet he swore that he had found them, he had paid a sizable sum to retrieve the eggs from someone from the region that they were found in.

The End

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