"The man, they are seeking?" Teraza replied.Mature

   Teraza looked at Martine as he lay there asleep. At least that is what they understood about the condition he was under.  She knew that Serata had sent someone to find Taka in the woods where he lived.  From what she understood the person was well versed in riding and  traveling in those woods.

Serata was sure she would be able to find Taka, as they knew they would have done this to find Taka as he was responsible or so they believed was responsible for him being in this state of mind. Serata suggested that they would not be able to cause them to find the being that was killing the others in their community, and now it looked like Serata's son Martine was responsible for doing this.

The lad who had seen and could positively  know what he was doing there.  He had claimed he had killed a tart. The knife was or had began to change into the air, now there was another dead man due to the dagger that was thrown into his guts,  he bleed to death.

Serata knew he was safe from what he knew about the story the lad would tell about his son. Serata smiled, but worried about what had happened here? 

The guards were still busy covering the streets in search of the knive's man.  Serata felt he could have turned into a shadow, but he did not how he knew this.  That could explain as to how he had vanished from sight.

Teraza was aware of what they knew about Taka, who had he seen at the market.  maybe that could cause them to be able to find that out if they had searched for the information about what he had been looking for.

There had been a rumor that he was looking for some obscure magical item or maybe it was even mythical. There had come into the community a man who had come from the desert carrying with him some things that might be considered precious beyond beleif. The man was supposed to have been offering to sell these items for an exorbidant price, there were a few people who desired to remain unknown spoke of him as being a faker. Mind  you, some people believed in what he spoke of.

No one knew who he was, just that he was able to find the unfindable.  They had to seek him out and find the results.

The End

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