Martine asked,"Where am I?"Mature

    The being was female. it asked,"Why are you here?"

   "I have to find Taka." Bea said, as she rode towards the figure.  Her horse struggled to be free of her orders, it fought every step, she made it take.  The horse reared up and flung its hooves towards the sky.  Bea had tried diligently to calm her steed.

   "You do? Do you?" it asked her. Its voice seemed to be chortling and filling with laughter and amusement towards Bea.

  "I have too!" Bea stated as her horse walked in a slow canter, it tugged at its reins to be free of her control over it. She patted its neck and tried to whisper to it to calm its nerves from the fear that she was feeling.

The being made a motion with its hands, and it vanished from sight, the woods was suddenly covered in dense growth of vegation that concealed every thing that Bea had seen before.  There were no pathes that were there, the vegation was thick and unweilding.  The ground was not covered with plants was no more to be seen.

Bea looked around in bewilderment, there was no way her horse could have come here. Her horse would have left more than a blade of grass turned, or a leaf pulled from a tree, but there is nothing more left there. Bea looked about confused by what was happening. She wondered as to why she was here?

She looked confused by what she was presently doing, who was the being she had seen. What powers did she have?

Serata was upset, he wanted to save his son, from that Maltrea fellows' claim. but the question was how?  He did not know as to what he could do to have him, become awake and out of the sleep that he was presently in the midst of. 

He drew himself up out of the building as he wanted to allow them to find out what they were doing here. He looked at Maltrea and wished he could have made his son and wife become what he wanted him to be alive.  However he was unable to have this occur, as no one could barter with father Death,  As he held all the cards, that one could possibly desire to play.


The End

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