"I have to see Taka!" Bea suggested.Mature

  Before Serata had left the royal chambers, he had assigned Beautrix ride to Taka's home to see if he was responsible for his son's condition.  Bea had a hard look and determination was drawn all over her face as she lumbered aboard her horses broad shoulders.  The other riders knew that look and chose not to try and undermine her. The matter that was before her must be taken care of.

Bea rode away into the woods.  She had a few ideas as to where to go to find him, but she would have to rely upon those she met on her way there.  The woods were a vast expanse that covered as far as she could ride in a month's time and maybe more even then that. 

She recalled hearing that there were a few people who had not returned from these woods. There was nothing that was ever found of them, not their horses or any of their possessions had ever returned from that a curs'd woods. It was as silent as a grave, as deep as a coal mine is dark.

Bea knew of this woods, as she had journeyed in them from time to time. Her horse seemed afraid to journey inside them. The ground looked hard packed, she did not feel a a breeze. but she felt one before she had gone in there.

She stopped the  horses canter, to look about.  She felt as though some one was watching her.  She looked about trying to detect the being that was watching her.  Her hair on her head and arms had begun to grow taunt and upright.  Her mouth was growing dry, she saw something.  

It was moving as swift as the water in the rapids would, it was trying to elude her.  Whatever it was?  Bea slowly nudged her horse to ride towards where it was fleeing from.  She wanted to catch up on it, whatever it was.  

It stood on two feet to move, it ran upright, she saw it again, she was closing in on it.  It looked to have legs like that of a goat or a horse, the back that she was able to see was as her own flesh's color was. Its shoulders looked to be that of a man, too. However its head looked to be that of a horse or goat, it looked over it s shoulders to see her closing the gap.

The End

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