Martine stated,The coins are they curs'd."Mature

  "The boy was about to tell me. Something was he not?" Maltrea stated as he looked at the hole from which red blood spewing worms , and serpents emerge where dagger that touched him went from his gut,where the dagger that touched him went before  vanishing into the air. Maltrea closed the boy's eyes with his fingers.

The others here  advanced to where he knelt and the boy lay.  They were not noble's in bearing any of them. They looked to be commoners. The inn was not a place for ruffians to be, but some of them could still be called ruffians by  the people here. 

The inn keeper looked at the boy, and did  not recognize him, but he did recall seeing him down the street many of streets over in the poorer districts of the city. The inn keeper had gone there looking for his daughter, who defied him and left home, after a hellish arguement with him and her mother.

She knew where to gain coin from was down in that neck of the woods, she knew of a few working girls who had come from there being very wealthy. She felt that, if they could; so to could she.  If what the boys down here called her, she was as beautiful as those wanton trollops.

The boy had been pursuing his daughter, himself. He did not look as though he could trust him, but seeing as to how much money he had acquired, he might have done very well to have turned her over to him. He smelled as though he had never seen water or sopa with which to  bathe. His hair was tangled and ill kept. His clothes looked as if they could stand on their very own by the dirt upon them.   His finger looked dirty nails looked to have been broken, and chipped.

The inn keeper looked at the boy and the men who were in the chamber where he was. They to looked at him, he drew up two gold coins for them to see, saying,"If you can arrange for him to leave here, I will these to you! As well as what he is carrying on him, will be yours, too."

"mighty nic eof you to give us, his money too.  How do we know it is not cursed." a larger man addressed the inn  keeper, as he spat on the floor near where the inn keeper stood.

The End

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