"A vaporous dagger." Serata suggested.Mature

"Where is your son?" Maltrea asked. as he plucked the dagger from his body, it did look as if was similar; that had done in his son's and his betrothed bodies. Turned as if it was but air. There was coldness about the daggers he had used, and sabre that was used to slay his son. They felt heavy on the pommel.

Serata waved his own guards to join in the pursuit of his slayer. The guards dispersed and flowed out into there as well to Maltrea's guards to find him.  They at least knew the kingdom, so their knowledge of where he could have gone would be more readily available to them.

The others looked at the Duke and the king as if they could not be seeing this.  Both were without the vestments of arms aside from their very own. Maltrea looked at his hands as he saw the dagger turn to air, it dissolved blade first the furtherest from the pommel, it rose as if it was etheral instead of a metal and wood, pouring out of his hands to become one with air.

Serata looked at him, he had never seen the murderous blades before. The only thing, he knew ab out the. choice of weapons that had been used to kill the ladies. It was that they were daggers whose edge was serpentine in shape. The blades were remarkibly sharp.

The pommel had no guard on it, so that the hand could slip off it, to become one with its sharp edge. In fact one of the people who had seen the dead woman  cut off two his fingers to the first knuckle in its keenness as he was trying to remove it from the body.

 The guard eased the dagger into a satchel to bring to their magistrite to look it over with. However when he had opened the bag, a silver and brown whisps emerged from the bag instead of it. The bag felt heavy enough to carry it in.

Toma looked at the magistraite with a puzzled expression on his face, as he looked at Toma said,"Take the dagger out of the bag!"

Messea turned the bag inside out in search of the aforementioned dagger, but was unable to find anything that looked like it in there. The only thing to emerge was a dust bunny or two.

Serata heard the story too, he was unable to decide why he would have done this, aside from it being a prank they chose to play on Messea the magistraite.  However he did not seem to think this was funny.

The End

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