"The quiet was now upon our ears!" Maltrea repliedMature

  Maltrea looked at the boy who now lay there at his stomache where the dagger protruded  from.  The  boy looked like a street eruchain, his pouch was full of something, the purse strings had fell loose from his clutches. Gold and silver coins had fallen from it. Maltrea knew that they were not his. There was no way he could have had these coins in his possession, that he knew of.

Serata looked at the fallen body, he looked afraid of what he was seeing. There had better be a reason, why he was here. What could have caused him to come here. He did not intend to kill the boy, but he knew he would have too.  If he returned here. Serata stood there with his mouth agape. He did not feel right about the death of him.

Maltrea looked into the eyes of Serata as he began to walk towards him, he looked upset about what he had seen happen here. "Catch the person responsible for this have to happened,  too."

His guards poured out onto the street in search of the knives' man responsible for the lad's death.  They looked about trying to find the man or woman.  The only thing, that he had left behind was one of his daggers. Maltrea looked at the dagger and found it to be the same as the one, that killed his son. He saw his son die beneath the same knife. There was no way in which this was possible.The ride was three days away from here; so he was not realist to think  that this could be done to them.

The street was filled with people who were going about their business here.  The people looked as f they did not see anything that was a miss.   The guards moved down the street in search of this knive's man unable to see him.


Martine had just closed the door before which he had flung his dagger into the lad who had seen him kill a lady of the evening in the alley.  He knew, the figure would not be alive, afterwards. The daggers were what the demon  supplied him with to do his biding. 

Martine did not want to do this, but the demon had to proposed, that he would slay his father and mother; if he did not do this. So, what choice did he have?

The End

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