Maltrea stated,"The evidence is before you!"Mature

"No! I did not see him, enter the kingdom,but I did see him drive the dagger into Dabbea's supple body, after he concluded raping her." Maltrea stated his words dripped with poison that he wished to fill the veins of Martine's body with, as he looked into crystal blues eyes of Serata's seeing the tear ducts fill with tears to stream down his face. His hands were blue with the amount of blood that was no longer there in them.

"Than how do you know it was him!" Serata suggested, as he tried to calm his voice and steel his nerves so as that he could conduct himself with Maltrea as he wished he could, now. Looking about trying to convince the others of what he was saying was the truth.

"How do you explain, that he was a sleep here. How can verify this for me? Oh, I know your wife will state it as fact. Do you think, I will believe the words of that lieing whore!" Maltrea declared, as the guards drew their weapons to defend this king as did his own to protect him from the kings' guards man.

"As a matter of a fact, yes." Serata stated, then he realized what Maltrea had said to him. Teraza was never one to lie.  However he dared to cast aspirations to his wife. How  dare he?

"As I said, she would lie to protect her son. Wouldn't she?" Maltrea suggested to him and the crowd of peoople who were there.  

A young man walked towards him, Serata looked at the boy who was now walking towards Maltrea.  Serata was unable to silence him, he was here, now. The boy who had seen Martine's form that had been slaying the ladies of the eve. However from his description, it was as though a shadow walked the earth instead of his son.

"No!" Serata screamed.

"Sir, you wish to know of whom had slain your son's boy and his wife."

A dagger flew through air to catch the boy in the stomach just below his ribs, where it had come from no one knew.

Maltrea looked in the general direction that the dagger had come from, bit he did not see from where it had come from, the door to the outside was there.  It was presently closing that was from where the blade had come. 

Maltrea walked to where the boy fell.  His guards began to advance towards him,too,

The End

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