Serata inquired,"Did you see him enter the kingdom?"Mature

Serata  walked into the building with his bodygaurds as where he knew Maltrea would be presiding,  Maltrea looked at him as he entered the room, he did not look in anyway any better than he had on the eve.

Serata, what do you have to say for your son's actions!" Maltrea screamed as he looked at him,  he rose from his seat to advance towards him. However his bodyguards would not allow him to do this/ They closed ranks about their ruler.

"He is not responisble for this, I tell you!" Serata declared as he looked at Maltrea over the shoulders of his guards that were now before him, with their weapons drawn. Maltrea did not look like he cared if they were there or not.

"How can you say this?" Maltrea suggested as he looked at Serata with disdain in his eyes.  He looked at him with fiery hatred burning there in his soul.  Last night he had rewitnessed the murder of his son and his son's new wife, it was in his dreams.  It would be forever there in them.  

"A wizard cast a spell upon him." Serata suggested, trying to quell the rage he was feeling towards him. He did not know what he would say to this.  He bit his tongue hoping he would listen to common sense, as that was what it was. However was unsure as to how the others in this room would take it being said by him.

"Sure! You would say something like that  to protect your son.  I know, how he despised my son and his wife. I saw him, with my very own eyes do this to her." Maltrea suggested, he shoved the meal he was about to eat away from him, to check that he still had his weapons with him.  

"Did you  see him; enter the castle?" Serata suggested trying to cause him to think about this matter that he had set before him.  If he could not explain how he got inside, maybe I can reason with him to forget this story.

The others in the chamber looked at Maltrea and from the look in their eyes, they may have felt the same amount of contempt that Maltrea felt for Martine, Serata's son. They recalled a story," about a lad knocking Taka to the ground. The lad was dressed in the garments of a noble from this kingdom, a week ago. The lad could not have been the king's son could it have been. No one was that stupid as to do a thing such as this, where were his guards.  None of that made any sense, did it.  No."

The End

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