Serata exclaimed,"The glove!"Mature

  Serata rose and kissed Teraza's lips to awaken her. She wrinkled her nose which indicated that she was awakening. Cartin was awaiting his waking at the door to their bed chamber. He was unable to go in there without Serata's voice telling him to enter. The guards looked at him as though he was the dirt on their feet.

The other guards who were watching over Martine's room, Serata looked upset with the matter that was put before him.  What had happened with Martine's was not possible. However he could not readily deny what they were saying he had done, as they had been given his glove from his hands.

How could Martine been able to do this? He was still here in his room, although he had been blood covered it still did not explain that he was out there in Maltrea's duchy, How could he have gotten into son's bed chamber to slay him and her.  Did they not have the chamber guarded as did he. 

The Duke himself had seen him. Yet, he was here, wasn't he?

Suseas had alerted him, that he had gotten covered in blood, but she could swear that he did not move from where he lay sleeping.  Where the blood come from, it was not from his body.

He looked in and saw their cheif healer here with Suseas as well.  What was happening here? That he thought as he was brought in here. He looked into the eyes of his majesty. The healer looked away as though filled with fear. 

   Martine strolled the underside of the world of their kingdom, he was not as he truly was known there. I was a shadow of my former self, his white skin was black as pitch.  Was dressed as  so often was as a noble of high bearing. My coin purse was filled with gold and silver to entice those I sought.

  Walked into a dimly lit building, it was where the ladies of the evening plied their trade there inside and looked about the chamber where there were several women awaiting someone to take them. My form looked more like a shadow here, than it did on the streets to get here.

 Spied a girl, pointed at her. Madame smiled and moved her finger to draw her up from where she sat.  "Ten gold for the eve. Five for a room!" the madame suggested.

Martine knew the prices, knowing she was right in what she was saying about the prices. "We have to be careful. you know what happened at the apple for Eve. Can we check you  for weapons.  She has to stay here?"

Martine drew up his cloak to allow her to check him for weapons.  He was unarmed. As soon as he had her upstairs he would not be.

The End

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