the gaurd suggested,"What has happened here?"Mature

  Suseas had not seen anything like this  before. I was still there in my bed, there was nothing I had come in contact with that would cause this to happen to me. There was no more heat in here than there was a moment ago. She looked frightened upon seeing this occur, she got up and left my side to get someone who was stronger than she was in the field of healing.

  The guards at my door looked confused by her leaving him like this. Suseas looked worried, she flew out of the chamber as though a demon would be upon her; if she did not do this. The guard stepped into the room in her absence.  At least this time, Martine was not covered in blood, unlike the other three nights. The guard at least did not have to clean the blood off of my hands, and my clothing, like the other times.

Suseas raced towards the room of the healer, she slammed her fist upon the wooden door.  Hard enough for her to have bruised her hand against it.  The healer looked about my chamber, drew  up his  short robe over his  small from, Was rubbing his  eyes to with which draw the sleep out of them. Helifted the candle from its holder to see who was knocking at his door at this ungodly hour.

The hand fell again.

"Coming damn you, can't you wait a moment.  Till a body gets on my clothes." the healer eases open the door. To see Suseas being there at his door.  Looked at her,"Suseas, what is wrong?"

"Martine had his hands being burned, but he was laying in his bed. I has not moved from the bed.  So, how is that not possible?" Suseas suggested.

"he have not heard of anything like t my occurring! Before now!" strode out of his room to join her in Martine's plight.  

They both arrived there, the guards at the door looked at them as though they had better be inside the room.  The guards gently eased the door open to admit them.  Suseas and the healer raced  inside the room. The one guard stood towering over the prone form of Marine looking at my hands.

The boils were large, they were cream colored.  Teratua knelt down to see my fingers, there was it seemed to be no cause for it. There was fluid oozing from the boils, it ran down my indentations of my fingers and wrinkles.

The End

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