Suseas stated,"The trouble is with his dream"Mature

  In the beginning he stood over the sleeping form that was his own body, as it lay there in his room.  Watched Cartin carrying his sleeping form there to his bed. Suseas walked towards him as his head lay upon his pillow, Suseas looked concerned about him being there.  When he tried to embrace her in his arms.  

He had vanished  from there he arrived in a form of this strange and fearful woods    Martine heard a voice, looked about in this woods where he had been since he did not know  when it began. as he recognized the voice, it i s the same one as he  heard, before.   "They must pay for the actions that they have done!  You will make them pay for their action! Won't you?"

   "No! I won't?" Martine declared, he closed his fist and looked at the speaker. Knew he should know this person and be afraid of him. He was most assuredly more powerful than I am. He had seen him do things to the others here. Watched him, destroy them; if they did not do this for him. The power he possessed was extreme.  Did not know if I would be able to refuse him from doing as he bid.
   "Yes, you will?" the speaker suggested, walked towards Martine. The speaker looked like a monster perhaps a demon, has horns coming out of his forehead, the face was that of a goat, torso of a man, lower legs of a goat. He saw the amulet about his neck, the amulet he recognized as being on the neck of the man he bumped into's neck. 

   Martine jumped away from him.  The goat faced man grabbed me by the throat and held me there.  He drew my into his face,  Was unable to walk the line that I would not be willing to do this for him. Martine closed my eyes in the dream to struggle to be free of his grasp. 

     Martine  felt the power that he was holding over me; was not strong enough to kill Martine  struggling to fight to be free of his grasp.  Saw myself growing smaller and smaller.  My strength tried to be able to strong enough to elude the hold the being had on him. 

Martine looked at his hand and saw the bracelet on his wrist, that Taka put on him to stop his doing anything, until he had his vengance over me. What was the trump card that he was holding, the power to control others souls.

Martine grasped his arm, to cause him to break his grasp on his throat.   The goat faced being looked into my eyes. I could feel the hunger there that  was absolute. Martine snarled,"Release me.  You have had your fun."

"I have not begun to have my fun, Yet!"

Martine noted that the amulet was glowing as soon as he had come in contact with me. Martine wanted to remove the amulet from his neck. The amulet was in flames black flames, they burned my fingers. I looked at my fingers, which were being to slowly blister and fill with fluid. I screamed.

Martin lain on my bed, Suseas noted that my fingers began to blister , yet I had touched nothing only my woolen blanket where my hands lay.

The End

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