Teraza stated,"The glove that was missing!"Mature

Teraza slipped over to see where she knew Martine lay sleeping. She smiled reassuringly at the woman seated beside his sleeping form she was a healer her name was Suseas she looked up to see who was there.  She did not think, she was supposed to be relieved of her duty now. When she saw Teraza and pondered 'why she was here.' So, she inquired,"Why are you here?"

"To be reassured, that our son did not leave his bed!" Teraza declared as she stepped into the room, she knelt down beside Martine and patted his cheek to tell him, she was there. She could see the fear in Suseas' eyes. She was a strong healer, worthy of her rank in this feild. Teraza knew she would not lie under any circumstance, of this.

"Your son did not move. He lay here as he has always been asleep since the day he encountered  Taka. That was when he fell asleep.  Was ain't it?"Susan suggested, "Than What is wrong?"

"He has been seen murdering someone in another kingdom?"  Teraza suggested, a tear trickled down her white colored cheek leaving a trail from which it had come from to the edge of her cheek to burst upon her robe

"When?" Suseas asked as though not desiring to hear this, but knew she had to as she asked. She looked frightened by what she was saying to her.

"Three nights ago, In Maltreas duchy!" Teraza supplied her voice was dripping with malice, she knew that was when he was doing that he lay here asleep, like the murders of those ladies of the evening, that the one man suggested he had seen him do.

"That was when he fell, asleep. Martine has not moved a muscle!" Suseas suggested, thinking this might help the suggestion that he was caught or at least seen doing this.  She felt he was safe, no one could have seen him leave the kingdom and arrive at the Duchy of Maltrea's kingdom. He had still lay here.

"One of his gloves was found there." Teraza suggested, as she looked at the bureau where his garments were lain. Spying that one of his gloves was missing from where it should have been laying. She put her hand to her mouth in anguish, puzzled by seeing that it was missing from where it always lay; since he fell asleep. It had been there, until now .

The End

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