Serata asked,"You mean he has been a wandering!"Mature

   "We have to talk to Taka!" Serata declared,  that Taka was the one responsible for this to have happened to Martine.  Taka was an astute and a hard man to deal with, just cast the spell upon  Martine. He would rarely not dignify a response to this.  Taka was elderly considered a great wizard, he seldom journeyed from where he lived. There must have been something of a great deal of importance for him to be here. He would talk, if he so desired too. Taka was many a days ride from here.  

   "Why should we worry about that, now. Martine's powers is still growing stronger; what if he decides to attack someone more powerful than him. Maltrea still controls a couple of duchies that we may desire to support or draw support from. Also as well,we did not realize Martine in his present state could journey that far from here." Teraza stated, she knew, that there was nothing that  they could do about that, now.

"The Duke has Martine's glove, that is how he was able to as certian that it was our son, that was responsible for his death."  Serata suggested

"I did not know, he could carry objects of his person to carry with him. Neither did I, until now." Teraza declared."Do you  have the article he brought in to show you?"

"Yes, I do!  We are fortunate that he did not bring in his people to arrest Martine, his kingdom is three days ride from here.  We know that our son has been slaying prostitutes in our community, who would not give him the time of day. Since he has been asleep.  Their deaths were upon our streets." Serata stated.

"He only left coins for them, with which to be buried by." Teraza claimed.

The deaths of these ladies were occurring each and every day until three nights ago. They started the second night, three women a night." Serata suggested.

"He may have heard that you did not like Maltrea or his son for that matter,  the duchess's was someone whom Martine had taken a liking too. He objected to her, marrying him from the start and we knew this. None of us told him, where the boy lived, or which duchy  he was from." Serata suggested still trying to claim his fears.

"We may have to be careful in spilling the beans about what we know this matter. or he may be tried as a witch," Serata warned

"Let us sleep!"

  Martine lay in his bed, as he had been for two weeks, no one in the quarter had seen who had slain the prostitutes other than one man. Seratta had put the fear of God into him, to keep him silent about what he knew. He accepted coins to stay his tongue from flapping.


The End

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