The accident of MartineMature


  "Did he not know that this will lead us into a battle that we may not win?" Serata suggested, as he looked at Teraza tears sped from his eyes.   Serata was upset, with what Duke Maltrea had brought to his attention.

"You know, he has not returned the land of the living since the accident!" Teraza declared as she held him there. Trying to comfort him as he stood there, he shook and shivered with the rage that he was feeling from seeing Maltrea. Having heard the words from Maltrea's mouth, as they filled his ears. The glove, that he had held in his hands, and gave to him.

"How can I not know this? That was not accident, only if he had not angered the mage, Taka." Teraza suggested. they both knew, where he was,  They could not afford to tell to Maltrea what has happened  to their son. He would not believe this, even they themselves did not believe what they had seen of him.

"We both know this, but Martine was unable to act!" Teraza trying to calm his fears, and knowing full well that this had happened...   ####

"She saw him as did he, a child.

"Taka was talking with another man, their son bumped into him in the store. Taka fell.   Their son did not apologized,but  than again he was shoved into the mage. He glared at the boy who pushed him, but the boy was gone as was his friends

  Taka was upset as the product he was holding, fell and broke showering the ground in what he desired to purchase.  They were dragon eggs, precious as a babe to its mother. More valuable than anything in the world or so, the other man suggested.  Taka thought that they were not what he said they were.

The man told him, he bought it by doing this.

It was a great deal of money; he could have bought two or three duchies with that money, and he had lost.  Why because he dropped the eggs. Thanks to that boy. Taka close his eyes, her son did not rise from where he arrived on the ground.

Taka did not see, what had transpired when the boy had fallen into him. He did not care as to who he was, or what he was.  He destroyed three eggs. He was unable to do anything about it; the eggs he felt were not what he said they were. But now, he bought them.  The boy looked to be the son of a noble, should be as anyone else the noble's son be damned.

The boy had been pushed by a larger boy did not know who the lad aside from being a noble in the community. The reason he may have known this was the finery of his clothes and the colors that he wore were from this kingdom.  The boy did not seem to think that he should have his guards about him inside the kingdom as there was no threat from within.

The lad was caught by his father, was afraid to draw attention to his son. His son might wind up under the executioners axe for this, and the family sent into exile. He did not see what Taka had dropped or Taka either, if he had. He would have died right then and there.

The End

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