Trouble with the nightMature

The forces have ascended and who had attacked the ruling force. They have a great deal of fear there. Their forces have been unable to make the people understanding why they are troubled.
Their master has not revealed to them who he was? The people are unable to understand what they are doing or why?


The trouble with the night?

Torch light illimunate the bed chamber, fire leaped, danced  and frollicked  across the cords of wood and red hot coals in the fireplace. The walls were adorned by red curtains.  The chimney was made of grey stones. Over the mantel was a figure, that looked filled with ill contempt, a woman's face was there, and the body was that of a goat.  They were sworn to honor the family, whose legacy was part with this figure. 

No one saw this image, other than those of the family, and their aids. The floor was covered in red pile rug, tapestries adorned the walls.  There were statues of mythical beasts that are there, on a table beside the huge bed, with its black canopy. The posts were made statues of male and female bodies that were atomically correct. Their hands held the top of the canopy, their legs met the floor. Their eyes seemed to follow you upon entering the room, they were carved stone, from white stone as white as opal, to as stone as  black as obsidian. 

Saratte kissed Teraza on her delicate lips, as he did this, slipped her tongue into his mouth to tell him, that she desired him to do this. She drew him towards her naked form. He looked at the window to see the lightning crash and burst upon the cliffs stones and the frothing water. The foam spewed from the rocks below. The sound of the crashing rocks illuminated the sky, the lightning tore through the veil of darkness.

Trees rose from the grounds, they looked like they were trying to grasp the stars in the sky with their gnarled fingers and jagged nails, His love envisioned the nails as being blood covered the branches were covered in moss that hung  there like droplets of blood running from the finger's and knuckles of these hands. She knew that it was an illusion.

She held him there.  She could not break his grasp, as she tore through the thin fabric that was his skin. Blood ran and spilled down his back. 

There had come a loud boom on the door. 

Serata looked at the door; he opened his mouth to scream,"Cartin! Go away! damn you! Go away."

One of the male statues that held the bed canopy looked at him, as he looked at it, and shook his head, mouthed, "You are needed."

"My lord, you are needed now!" the voice on the other side of the door bellowed.

"Go away!  Let me be alone with Teraze!"

No!" the person bellowed through the door.

"What do you mean, no! Who do you think you are addressing?" Sarate exclaimed as he looked at Teraza, and the door wincing wishing he was not in the house, where he lived. 

"Sir Serata, is who I am addressing,  but this was something that you must address, now.The noble down stairs would not simply turn around and leave, not until he was satisfied with Serata. His friend was unable to talk out of leaving to night, who he cursed the name of that lord. There was a good reason for him to be here. The reason was due to his son's treachery, he slayed his brother and wife on their day, that is. Their wedding night.!" Cartin suggested, he was now afraid, he had come at a most in opportune time.  The man did not want to argue the point, with his sire.  He would be unable to stay alive or continue to work here; if he was to continue on with this matter as it was.  

His son was witnessed being there.  He somehow arranged to do this, to Duke Maltrea's son and wife.  The matter will be brought before the crown, but he was the crown.  

"Who is here, then?   That I must see now?" Serata demanded to know, he was upset with what he was doing being here waking him. This noble had better be big enough to be worthy of doing this to him.

"Duke Maltrea is here. It seems your son Martine has slain his son and his betrothed.” Cartin stated calmly, though he was quaking in his boots on fear of what Serata might suggest for him to do.

"Fine I will see him. Tell him to wait for me in the chamber!" Sarette declared. As he looked into the red eyes of his lady whom had not sired him a son.  His mistress , she had sired him two boys, where as his wife was fruitless, unless you desired women, she was able to allow them to be born.

"Terraze suggested, “I want you here with me! Why is he here? Now at a time like this!"

"Martine murdered the duke's son and his wife. That is why he is here?" Cartin suggested.



The End

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