I walk to the school facility a bag on my back, a sketch book in hand and a notebook hanging off my left wrist. I was drawing yet another blade , this blade wasn't like the rest of the swords I draw it was actually a realistic katana except the hilt had a bizarrare but elegant hand gaurd that  protected the hand from all angels. I begin to draw more details around the blade giving it a few ablities so if I ever decided to manifest it into reality I would know everything about it.

"Oi Kevin!" A teacher yells,and I look up reluctantly from the sketch book.

"Yes." I say.

"You're late for class!"

"Oh...crap right." I get up and run towards general studies, I should create away of traveling fast without using to much energy. I think to myself as this was a daily occurence.  In the halls I collide into two students, one of them I didn't recognize was the well known Ashton who was known to help kids who had problems helping themselves. Noble kid ,but I really didn't feel the need to talk to him or anyone else in that matter, I'm always content to be left with my own devices.

"Sorry." I say helping the new kid up to the ground, I'm a bit late for class. Hey Ashton aren't we in the same general studies class?" I ask.

"Yeah but I was told to show Murphy one the new students."

"Oh, I see. I wish I could get out of general studies right now, such a boring class." I say before walking to class.

The End

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