Murphy: Banished

"I was struck with a single sense as I was thrown out of the Ring: inevitability. I knew for a fact that I was dead. The darkness crept up on me and all I could do was run.

So I ran.

Darks swarmed on me like a mob, only far too silent. I was still going to die. I grabbed the machete and hacked a circle around me, and some fell, only to be replaced like parts in a machine.

And I ran.

Some kind of gigantic wheel-thing came up to me and I ran as close to the side as I could, keeping away from it and the horde. I ran faster and harder than I remembered anyone ever running before.

I ran towards the light.

But night is always darkest before the dawn, yes? The biggest thing I had ever seen stood in front of me. I stabbed at its 'leg' or arm, whatever it had, and it just kicked at me. I ducked.  I ran even faster than I did before, and every time the Behemoth took a leap, the whole ground shook. 'The machete's still in the leg' I thought, and I ignored it for awhile as I ran towards the flickering candlelight in the distance. I came across some kind of forest, and I remembered the class I was taking in the fall. I tried to make a net out of the branches of the oaks, and I succeeded! I ran, thinking that it would buy me some time.

It didn't.

The behemoth smashed through the wall like in stories, shards of Oak tree flying past me. I pushed myself.

I ran until the blood in my veins was made of broken glass, until I was breathing fire and stepping on coals. I ran after I stopped actually being able to see. I just ran. I ran, and before I knew it, I was at the candlelight.

I stepped into the other town's Ring, and I felt triumphant. I looked back at the behemoth, happy that I was inside looking out.

And then, it stepped inside.

I got hit by someone's elbow and passed out. When I woke up, the behemoth was being dragged outside. I applied for this school. I was accepted. Now, I'm taking Terromancy. The teachers don't care that I was taken up to Freshman year in another town, I guess. All for the better."

"Jesus man, that was the best story ever. You should write that down." Carlos says.

"Hey Murph, what's your schedule?"James asks.

"Well, first I take my Apprenticeship class, in Terromancy. Then I've got the general class, simulation, Strategy, sparring, puppet, and then I'm trying to do a second hour of Simulation."

"Oh, a Soldier Boy, here," James says.

"Dude, up the f**ck shut. The basterds need to learn something." I say.

I head to the Attendance office to try and get the schedule sorted out.

The End

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