Ashton: Awake

I wake up to see Balia and Etha talking to one another. I stand up and walk over to them.

"Etha, you know I can heal you, right?"

Etha looked at me and nodded, he understood.

"Where are you going?"

"Deity." Was Etha's raspy reply to my question.

"Do you want me to heal you?"

Etha shook his head and growled.

"Ok, just keep us safe."

Etha quickly allows the puppets to roam freely again. I walk over to the others and shake them awake. They all wake up and see Etha.

"What's he doing here?" Kevin asks.

"He's just here to protect us. Give him grace."

Kevin nodded and then Murphy asked something.

"What do we do for breakfast?"

I look at Kevin. "Do you think you're up to it?"

"Wait, me?! You want me to make food, of all things?"

"Yes, I have faith in your abilities, perhaps you should too."

"Ok, I'll try. But of all things food is the easiest to screw up. One thing wrong and we're all poisoned for life."

I wave my hand, "Hello, healer."

"Right." Then, he closes his eyes and does his creating process. Within a few moments there are seven plates with breakfast food, and Kevin opens his eyes again.

"Wow, look at all of this."

"Yes," I say as I grab a plate. "It looks very good," I exclaim as I eat a piece of bacon. "Mmmm, so good."

At this, all the others take a plate too and Etha sits down and tries to eat the seventh plate. And we all have a meal together, eating and laughing. Then, Airy raises an interesting point.

"Why are no darks attacking us?"

I raise my head at this question, intrigued as well. "I don't know, perhaps-"

Then, we hear the smashing of trees behind us, and we turn to see a Darkrai, 15 feet of pure evil. Immediately, I put my plate down and stand up, I raise my hands shout: "Buff!"

Within moments, all 7 of us are much smarter, faster and stronger. We all start attacking the Darkrai, with me using my healing abilities to keep them alive whenever a Darkrai threw them into a tree.

Within about a half-an-hour of when we started, the Darkrai fell to the ground, dead, and sunk into the ground, creating a patch of barren earth.

"Well, that was exciting." Balia said, enthused.

"Ok, guys, let's get a move on, we need to get to the Meteor in two days. And if there are Darkrai here, you can be sure there are other forms of The Dark here. Be on your guard and never venture on your own. Except you, Etha, I have a lot of faith in your abilities to survive alone."

With that said, Etha basically ran away and the remaining group of six started walking towards the Meteor.

The End

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