Balia Garcia: Etha's Arrival

Balia Garcia’s Puppet

[Target locked and recognised. Sending information to manipulator’s database.]

Balia Garcia’s puppet gazed upon Etha, a dark that its manipulator had once known as a human. “Me alegro de verte también Balia," He said. The puppet crooned its reply in a weak intimidation of Balia’s voice. “When you are with my friends, you speak English. Come now. Follow me. I shall awake my master.” It moved towards a sleeping Balia and kicked her. Etha followed hesitantly, half hiding in the shadows.


Balia Garcia

I was having the most wonderful dream. It was a dream where darks no longer existed, my hometown was safe and Ashton finally forgave me for breaking his heart. Then a foot collided with my side. I sat up fast and cursed in Spanish. My head swam from my sudden movement. “What,” I said through clenched teeth, “is going on?” That’s when I saw him.


He was standing partly in the shadows, partly in my view. His eyes glowed faintly red as he observed me. Even though he looked so very different from the last time that I had seen him I knew for definite that it was him. “Etha...” The words escaped my lips before I could shut them. I stood up and strode towards him. “What are you doing here?” Etha looked down at his feet; an action that clearly had not changed since the transformation. It meant that he was abashed.


I cursed again. It seemed all that had changed about him was his physical presence. Then I remembered that Ashton, Lucy and Meyla had performed some sort of healing spell on his mind. Well it definitely explained why he was not acting like raving bloodthirsty monster anymore. “I’m joining your team,” he whispered finally. “What,” I asked, surprised.

“I do not want this world to be succumbed by doom.” I lifted my head so that I was staring right into his crimson eyes. I was looking for lies lurking behind them. The blades on his arms glinted in the moonlight and they didn’t look particularly welcoming. But I still reached out to touch him. My hands were on either side of his face before I could convince myself it was a bad idea. “Tell me the truth,” I hissed.

Suddenly, without warning, some force pulled us a part. We were thrown to the ground yards away from each other. When I regained consciousness, Etha and a few puppets were standing over me. I pushed myself up off the grass and smiled sheepishly. “Well, that”

“No,” Etha looked at me darkly. “You’re a luxmancer,” he spat the words out as if they tasted unpleasant. “We cannot come into physical contact without causing each other damage.”


It was at that moment when I felt truly guilty for what I did all those years ago, when Etha was human. I had convinced him to play the game ‘Who Can Go Furthest into the Dark’s Territory’. Of course he had won – but what use is winning when you lose everything else?

The End

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