Etha (Dyerz)

The man looked at me, imobilized and terrified. I walked up to him and growled "heal me before I kill you." His arm unfroze and he started casting spells. The darkness slipped of my mind. "I suggest that you leave." He looked at me curiously "where are you going?" "Deity". "You do realize that teams are going there, right?" I growled "which one has the most potential?" He smiled "Ashton is leading a team, they should be south." I started walking away, my body bent light and the man gaped. 

The sun eventually descended below the earth, a cloud filled night creating a true absence of light. A lone wolf yelped and gave an agonizing cry as darks drained it's life. My chances of getting to Deity... they will be guaranteed with a team. As long as they don't kill me before hand. 

My hand tingled, humans were nearby. Powerful ones too. I stopped, a puppet looked straight through me. It scratched it's head and walked away, patrolling. That was too close. Crouching, I moved tree to tree, until I found a bunch of sleeping teenagers. A few Puppets stood around, carefully watching. One's eyes thermally glowed, looking for heat. Luckily, I have none. This should easily do the trick. I froze the puppets in opaque shields. They struggled and one escaped. The creator, I knew I would have issues with him. He looked around, not seeing me. My voice started coming from everywheres.

"I am Etha, you are after the Deity. I do not wish to see the abyss swallow this world an-" a puppet with a thick accent asked"Etha?" I looked at the puppet and read the name Balia Garcia. I looked at her puppet for ten seconds and replied "me alegro de verte también Balia."


The End

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