Ashton: Thank you all for coming.

Balia, Murphy, Kevin, Meyla and Airy were all around me, I could tell they had all said their goodbyes, and did what needed to be done.

"Thank you all for coming."

They all turned to look at me, and awaited my next words.

"We will set out for our expedition today. Infact, shortly after this speech. We will be walking through marshes, through forests and over seas. Our destination is 3 long, hard days away, and I beseech all of you to make sure your puppets will be guarding us as we sleep. Though there are small camping areas within the netherlands that are surrounded with the chemical, the Dark are gaining an immunity to this chemical.

"We will be encountering strong enemies and powerful foes. You will need to be awake and active if you intend to live. Our destination is a meteor. One that landed the day the Darks first appeared, through my own study through my puppet I have found that within this meteor lies their Gaia.

"Their Gaia wants to destroy us and our Gaia, and live on this planet. Our Gaia did not want this to happen and it gave mankind magical capabilities to defend it. I have found a way to destroy the Dark Gaia. But, be warned, the moment I do, within a couple weeks to a couple months all magic will go away and we will live as we did before the invasion of the Dark; before D-Day.

"And so, I thank you for accepting to come with me, and I thank you all for going on this expedition with me. So, with that, let's go."

I looked at them all and saw their thoughtful faces, thinking about what I had just said. I started walking to the city limits, and they all trailed behind me. Then, I stopped before the chemical.

It was just like that child game. How far can you go into their world before you run away. I take a hesitant step outside of the chemical ring. Then, I take another one. Now, I am immersed in the Netherlands, and I can never go back.

Then, I start walking again, with them all behind me. Scared and worried, because we were now in the Dark's country. This is their world.

The End

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