Kevin: Last lesson

I begin to walk of towards my house, my look on today's performance , I was unsure if I should be going on this expedition with my skill level the way it was I can't accomplish much with the amount of energy I could use, and the fact I could only create one thing at a time and only keep one thing manifested at a time worried me. I'll have to tell Ashton tomorrow that I can't go.

"You should be ashamed of yourself. Have you been slacking on the homework I've been giving you, by day dreaming?" Miss Kutner slices through my thoughts I turn around she was floating uplside down except this time it was because of something she had created.

"I'am miss." I mutter, and turn around.

"Where do you think you're going, giving up? A creative mind does not give up!"  She yells as a white walls begin to surround the two of us," You're needed on that expedition , and I know in your heart you want to go,and I'm not letting you give up."   I turn to see her now upside right , a bright smile full of thought, her strange dull grey eye now shining brightly.

"What you propose, I train? We don't have the time." I say back shaking my head angrily,and clenching my teeth.

"This room extends time, I half an hour here is only a several minutes real time. Now before I teach you something new its time work on your output of magic. I do have to say your quality on manifested items is near perfect, but obviously your quantity is one at a time. That's no use. Lets spar." She says spontaneuosly. I jump back a tinge of fear growing on my mind, I was exhausted and knowing Miss Kutner she not only could manifest hundreds of things at one time but all of them would be to complex to break," I'm going to beat the cowardice out of you if you keep giving me that look. Talyn!" 

"Skypiercer." I say the sword swirling into existence, I doubted that this was going to be easy looking at the unfinished Half life, but then again it looked harmless compared to what Skypiercer could do.  It darts into the air razor sharp talons giving off a trail of vapour coming towards me I move the sword across blocking the attack as Ice builds around the sword as it began trying to bring me down to the ground. Just before I shake it off Miss Kutner appears with a extending axe and cuts me across the arm, while also flinging me across the room with Talyn. I manage to get Talyn off of me and slicing it's wings off shortly after impacting the wall, and turning my pain into anger.

" This is going to be harder then facing a horde of Darks, and Wheels. Kevin." She warns me with a stern face before manifesting many more creations.


I hit the ground breathing hard, my body shaking it was beyond breaking point I was going to pass out any moment the world was coming in and out of focus, but I had managed it I had managed manifesting 10 creations at once ,and not only that I learned I could make two Skypiercers and dual wield them.I tried to step forward defending the next attack ,but my my body wouldn't move anymore the swords fell from my hands as I hit the floor slowly.

"Rest , now that you know what true exhaustion feels like." Miss Kutner's voice says from a distance.


Upon waking up the first thing I realize how sore body felt,and then how hungry I was. I look up my clothing ripped to shreds, and full of cuts and bandages, I quickly remembered where I was. 

"How long have we been in here?" I ask. Knowing Miss Kutner was awake.

" One day of training, and two days sleeping. You don't have a lot of time time left in here before your expedition starts, so eat this while I teach you new concepts, and few more creations." She says waking into view, I sit up quickly catching a bagged lunch and quickly wolfing it down as miss Kutner starts showing me how to create an intelligence for my half life.


" Alright Manifest everything you have." Miss Kutner orders me ,and I do as I told proudly manifesting my first half life, which was basically a black, and red Griffin that stood a little taller than me with a turret that represented a chain-fed turret, a few deadly assortments of weapons that it could change accordinly on the end of it talons. I wanted to give it ability to breath fire or something, but miss Kutner said I could do that on my own time. I learned a few new spells one called Gate which was a gate that lead to a place where my enemies would not be able to locate or sense my position as I kill them,  Klov, a spell that lets you free form create minor items such as making bicycler parts, and my favourite Florider A creation of Miss Kutner's but it was a way of quickly transporting one self along air soundlessly, they where basically a pair of odd looking boots with holes along the bottom.

" Good, now take care of yourself, and keep your mind wide open. Don't let the negative things get you down." She says with the care of a parent.

"Thanks miss I don't think I will be ever to repay you for the kindness and guidance you have given me."

"You can help me teach Stephen when you get back there isn't to much more to learn now that you better grasp and understand. Now get going you only have a few hours left to see your parents, and get your things together." She reply's.

"Bye,and thanks again." I say exiting the room hitting a faster stream of time ,and feeling really sick. A little time later I run home to only find a letter from the processing unit telling my parents had been killed in the attack, I could feel the loss gripping me as I read the letter again making sure it was correct. I drop the letter when I could feel anger trailing through my veins. I walk through the anger quickly throwing all my needed positions in the hiking bag pushing away thoughts of loss, and only focusing in my need to get even with the Dark. I walk to the clock tower not saying a word, and leaving a hardened expression on my face as I see Balia, Murphy, Ashton, and Airy standing patiently. Meyla arrived shortly after I did,and Ashton began talking.

"Thank you all for coming."

The End

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