Etha (Dyerz)


I collapsed on the ground, strength fading. The darkness can't triumph, it can't. I staggered up, digging my blade into my arm. The deity must be annihilated, I must reconcile, no matter the cost... for the thousand that have fallen. A voice yelled"you are a fallen hero, a fool to embrace light. Turn to the abyss and accept eternity." I stumbled into my front yard.

Time is of the essence. My family should still be nailed against the wall... I need to promise them that I will reconcile. That the Deity will suffer."I will take your fallen place". "You are not infallible, Ashton's proof." "Heads shall shift, walls will crumble as the abyss rises. A fate you will ENSURE!" I walked  beside my house and looked at the skeletons. My mother... she had it the worst. I walked to her corpse and picked up a hammer below. 

"Etha, please, why are you doing this?" I growled "I serve those infinitely your greater." She screamed as I nailed her stomach to the wall, intestines spilling out. Blood splashed my neck, chills ran through my spine.

I looked at her skeleton, then my fathers and my sisters. Rage burned through my body. I punched the wall furiously. I clenched my teeth, tears wouldn't come in this body. I screamed "DEITY, I WILL KILL YOU!" "Sing in et-" "SHUT UP!" I shut the voice out. My blade moved into the wall, carving the words "from silence to blood, to reconcile and deity."I gritted my teeth "don't worry, Emily, Gorge, Synthia... I'll come back to bury you."  I  started sprinting to the center of the storm. 



The End

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