Meyla: Book of Dead

When we broke up I went straight back to the school to find Drake. He was waiting. "There" He says gesturing a bag. I nod and walk over. "I think you'll find this useful as well" I turn round to see Drake holding out the Book of Dead. I look at it then at him before shaking my head. I can't take it. "You need to take it" Drake insists.

I swallow nervously and take it from his fingers. "I didn't get time to try ressurection to heal Etha, the honourdark..... I don't even know if I can kill someone in body but not in soul  so a healer can bring them back. How will I know I'll be able to perform the rest of the stuff in this book without difficulty or consequences?" I whisper.

"You wont" Drake says sitting back down on his old oak cushioned chair. "But the only way to learn is to practice. But Meyla..... be careful. I've marked the spells in this book you should not touch and the people I know you should not call on there shadows for. But I don't know all evil"

I nod and look up at Drake. "Can you teach me how Flash can be mixed with necromancy?" I whisper. Drake smiles.

"You want to learn how to kill a dark without touching or even moving?" He says still smiling. "Well alright then" He turns and pulls a book down from a shelf.

I put the Book of Dead into my rucksack then sit on the carpet. Drake hands me the book then goes to a cupboard where he pulls out a cage of mice. They seem thin and weak but I don't feel effected by it.

Drake gets out one of the mice then sits in front of me holding it in his hands. "Lets start" Drake says blinking and the mouse going limp in his hand.


I run quickly knowing I need to hurry or I'll be late. I can't be bothered to Shift. In fact to tired for it. I need sleep and maybe a visit to a graveyard to stock up on shadows of the dead.

Well, I'm gonna have to summon them on the trip to where ever the hell we are going. What I'm actually worried about. Is my past..... will I be able to kill any of the dark because of what happened.

I arrive and everyone was already there. It was then Ashton spoke. "Thank you for coming"

Well, great starting words. I closed my eyes and listened in mentally detirmined to even get my self some form of rest.

The End

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