Ashton: No sense killing Darks if they're never ending.

"OK, here's what I need. We're most definately going to be up every kind of Dark imaginable. From the easy one-hit-kill Darks to the hard run-away-faster Behemoth Darks. So, I need a team. I need all of you."

"Why us?"

"I spoke with all of you about my expedition, all of you accepted. Airy called me when he saw one of my flyers. So, I think now is the time to leave for it." They all looked shocked. "The general plan is that we make our way to the Asteroid. It'll be a three day journey. We'll need to bring our puppets close to us so that we can sleep while protecting ourselves. And when we get to the Asteroid, I know what we have to do to stop it."

Kevin looked at me quizzically. "You mean, you know exactly how to stop all the Darks?"

"Yes. And there is no time to waste. I have enough people for an expedition. This will be our last day in town. Everyone, do what you want to do. And don't worry about the Dark invasion for now, just tie up all loose ends. Right now it's 1:28 PM, we'll meet at 12:00 noon tommorow at the clocktower."

With this, I left them all. I walked out of the ambulance, and ignored the Darks. I simply walked around them and used my powers to incapacitate them. Eventually, I saw a crowd of people.

I walked around the crowd, knowing that Mr. Berath was never one for mobs. And I went to school to find him. I walked slowly, thinking to myself about what I was going to be doing. But, I had faith in what it was. None of them were to know the price it would take the stop the Dark. A human life; a pure, sacred thing. I just need people to stick around me for help getting rid of the stronger beasts, and friendship in those last hours. A group of one will die, but a group of six will survive. And Maybe, just maybe, when I kill the Dark Gaia, Etha will turn back into a human, and he can re-live what life he has left. I can only hope for their sake, for the sake of mankind.

I was brought back to reality by the knowledge that I was now a couple steps away from Mr. Berath's room. I opened the door and lo and behold, he was there. I smiled and walked in.

"Hello, Ashton."

"Morning, Mr. Berath. Mr. Berath, I have a request."

He looked at me, curious.

"I'm going on my expedition now, with five others, to stop the Dark for good. And I want you to teach me every other skill that I haven't learnt yet."

"OK, which skills do you know, refresh my mind."

"I know Heal, Cure, Null, Protodisc, Dia, Light, Holy, Ultima and Healer's Mind."

"I see, so you don't know Life, and you don't know Buff. OK, I will teach you."

And so, Mr. Berath taught me. It took four long hours of magic and skill to get it right. But by the end, I was able to raise the dead back to life, so long as certain conditions were in place; and I could make those fighting amongst me stronger, faster and smarter for short periods of time.

"Thank you, Mr. Berath. You have no idea how deep my gratitude extends."

Then, I turned to leave. And with such emotion, a single tear slid down my face. I wasn't ashamed, nor angry that it had happened. But rather, relieved, that I do have tears left to shed.

Now, it was 5:30 PM and I went to see my parents. I walked home, thinking more on the powers I had gained. And then I walked to the door of my house. I smiled at all the memories I had as a child. And so, I took the doorknob in my hand, and I turned it. And I entered my house. My mother and my father were making dinner. They were still discussing what went on at the processing unit today.

"Mom, Dad. I have something to tell you."

"What is it, son?" Dad asked.

"Well, you know about that expedition I was planning."

They nod.

"Well, I'm going tommorow. To stop the Dark once and for all."

They smile, and they look at me with joy. They don't know the true cost. The true cost for freedom.

"Well, that's great son" Dad says.

Then they find out dinner's done, and they invite me to sit. I do, and we eat spaggheti. It was a nice dinner, with them congratulating me on all of my achievements, and talking about when I would come back how big of a party they would throw. I only nodded and smiled, only I would know the true cost, and not even Drake, the necromancer could find out.

After we ate, the TV was turned on, and it was talking about the Dark Invasion, how it had been quelled by a single creature, a Honourdark. Though it wasn't the whole truth, I was thankful, in my heart, that he was still alive and getting props. The News Reporter said that the Honourdark, after defeating the horde of Darks, ran out of the safety ring into the Netherlands.

After watching TV it was time for bed. It was midnight. So, I crawled into my room, and between my covers. And then I closed my eyes, and I dreamt of a better place. A place where I didn't have to die to save humanity. A place where there were no Darks. A place where there was no need for magic. Because from my studies, I found that the magic would all go away once the Darks were gone. As it was only our Gaia who needed protecting. And only our Gaia gave us these powers to protect her. And once we quell the threat, Gaia wouldn't need to give us powers anymore.


I opened my eyes near the asteroid, the body of my puppet lying limp beside it. I stood up and walked onward, to the sleeping me. I walked into the city limits and saw the puppets of others as they walked about the city. Then I saw Murphy's puppet walking around. It was good to know that Meyla or Kevin told him. I should've told him, but I didn't.

So, I, as my puppet, walked onwards to my house. And I walked through the door and into my room. And I saw my sleeping body. Then I fell on the floor, and slept.


Then I woke up. The clock beside my bed giving me 10:00 AM. I got up, and got clean and ready for the day. I got a backpack and filled it with food, my puppet, a map, and a compass.

Then I saw the time, 11:20 AM, and headed to the clocktower. I ran there, very quickly, and then when I got there I rested by one of the legs of the clock tower. It was 11:30 and I waited there. Then, in order of appearance these are the people who showed up: Balia, Murphy, Airy, Kevin, and Meyla.

Now that they were all here, I decided to speak.

"Thank you for coming."

The End

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