Baila Garcia: Ay ay ay!

Meyla shifted us to the ambulance, looking more than a little battered and scraped. And there was Ashton, hovering over an unconscious boy I recognised but his name had escaped my memory. “Cure,” Ashton murmured. His hands glowed a pure yellow and the boy stirred. Then he turned towards us. It was the first time that Ashton had looked at me since the break up. He smiled. Not at me specifically, but at all of us. Yet my heart still skipped a beat. Then I realised what his smile actually meant. It was not a smile that stood for humour or amusement. It was a let’s-get-ready-to-kick-some-dark-ass smile.


Before I could open my mouth to tell him that he was being absurd he kicked the door of the ambulance open. Carrying the boy in with him, he climbed inside. The rest of the group followed him, their faces filled with awe and admiration. I trailed behind reluctantly, knowing this could only end badly.


When everyone was inside and buckled up, Ashton turned his attention back to the whole group again. He was wearing a fierce expression as he yelled "Ok, now let's kill the dark and wreak havoc!" I looked at the others, watching their reaction. Murphy, I recognised as the new kid that Ashton had been babysitting, punched his fist in the air and gave cries of agreement from the driver’s seat. Meyla looked at him in her dazed, relaxed way. The other boy, now fully conscious, looked slightly dazed but ready to kick some ass.


It was only Airy that showed any signs of doubt and unease. Her eyes sparkled with a fear that was almost hidden by her intense expression. I stared at her until she met my gaze. She looked at me and subtly shook her head. Well, I thought earnestly. If she wasn’t going to speak up, I guess I’ll have to.


I unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up to face Ashton. “Estás loco,” I said, then realised that I had spoken to him in Spanish. “You’re acting crazy,” I translated. Ashton focused on me unwillingly. He could not hide the hurt in his eyes. The hurt that I caused him when I dumped him. Then he recollected his emotions and responded with “No, I’m just trying to make this world a better place.” He turned away from me again.


That did it. I could feel my temper boiling into overload. Taking a deep breath and trying to keep my anger under control I growled the words “Ashton Kerr. Do not turn away from me.” He ignored me but the rest of the group shuffled about uneasily. “Murphy,” Ashton said. “Let’s get moving.” Murphy put the ambulance into gear and pushed down on the accelerator without a word. “Make sure all of you have your seatbelts on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Ashton said the words to all of us but he really meant them at me.


Clenching my teeth, I sat down and buckled up again. He obviously would not answer my questions, so I needed to find someone that would. I turned to Meyla who was sitting next to me. Even though I did not know her well and had never spoken to her before today, I knew she would answer them. But first I needed to calm down.


“Meyla,” I said when I could speak easily again. “This is important.” She looked at me doubtfully, worried I would lose my temper again. “It’s okay. I’m calm now,” I reassured her. Meyla breathed out a sigh of relief but she still had her doubts. “What,” I said, then dimmed my words to a whisper that only she could hear. “What was the honourdark’s name?”

“I think it was...Etha.”


Ay ay ay! I knew him!

The End

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